Island Games utmaning!

Trots de inställda Island Games spelen 2021 finns nu möjligheten för alla gotlänningar att anta en utmaning och delta i Island Games! Det räcker att springa 5 km! Läs nedan!

Hi everyone,


We appreciate that everyone is disappointed that there will be no NatWest International Island Games in Guernsey this summer. Therefore the International island Games Association (IIGA) are doing all that we can in order to keep the fire burning in our Member Islands. The answer this summer is the IIGA 5k Challenge – for you and everyone on your island!


Instead of the real Games we are organizing a Virtual Competition to which you all are invited to join in. Its free of charge and easy to join. With this we mean every resident in your island and even those living elsewhere but were born in your island! This year everyone can participate, the more the merrier!


We challenge everyone to either run or walk 5 kilometres which will be registered in the RaceONE application (free to download and no hidden costs whatsoever). The best times for male and females and for the most participants per island will be announced winners!  The number of participants per island will be pro rata to the population and so all member islands, large or small will have a chance to win. The race will be just for fun for the majority to encourage physical activity, but for some also a chance to compete with other islanders.


 The race will start on the 3rd of July and end one week later, on the 9th of July. The procedure to take part is simple and free of any charge. To join in, this is what you need to do:


  1. Download the app RaceONE.


  1. Choose the race: IIGA 5k CHALLENGE. Register your island where the title of the box is CLUB, no code is required.


  1. No payment is required, you do not need to pay £1-99 to follow


  1. Follow the instructions and race between 3-9 July. Only one attempt will be registered.


  1. Press START and then continue. Your race will not start until you press START IMMEADIATELY.


  1. You can register on the app now but you will not be able to race until 3 July.


  1. Share as much as you can and challenge your friends and everyone

       else. #iiga5kchallenge


 We are very grateful for your help to spread the word to your sports, sponsors, local businesses etc. to join the IIGA 2021 5k Challenge!


Hope you will be able to join in and enjoy your run or walk.


All the best,




Andy Varnom

General Secretary

International Island Games Association

National Sports Centre

Groves Road


Isle of Man

British Islands


Telephone   Office 00 44 (0)1624 613344

                         Mobile 00 44 (0)7624 482941